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Not everyone needs a full-time security architect or engineer. For those times where some research, direction or expertise is required, contact Kaizen for assistance.

Kaizen Approach Inc. (KAI)’s security architects and engineers have worked in public and private sector computing environments, for large and small businesses, and have been exposed to a variety of situations and requirements. Our staff has security expertise in the following areas:

  • Host security controls and systems from Mainframes to Unix and Windows systems
  • Security within virtual environments
  • Network access control (NAC and ISE)
  • Next generation firewalls as well as stateful firewalls
  • Web and mail proxy/content filtering systems
  • Encryption software (TLS, SSL, IPSEC) for VPNs and other data transit applications
  • Security policy development
  • Security awareness development and training
  • Host and network vulnerability assessments using freeware and COTS tools
  • Antivirus
  • Zero day malware detection appliances
  • Firewall auditing and configuration management tools
  • Integration of new systems with existing security products
  • Experienced with ISO 27000, PCI and HIPAA regulations, ICD 503, NIST SP800-53, FISMA and DCID 6/3.

KAI is a vendor neutral company, meaning that we do not resell security tools and products. Our security staff will provide recommendations based on customer requirements and our experience with and research into the products. We do not receive commissions for product recommendations.

KAI’s engineers research products and security controls as well as provide hands on help with various security products. Our security staff can evaluate design and architecture and offer suggestions on configuration and deployment.

KAI’s experts train IT staff and employees on tools to use and services available to make security part of the ecosystem, rather than bolting it on after the fact. We identify existing security controls within systems to use. Security education for end users is always a challenge, keeping materials up to date and relevant. KAI can tie in real life events and attacks to controls and procedures designed to protect corporate systems and data.

KAI is sensitive to the cost constraints in IT budgets. We’re used to doing more with less, which is why we always look to what products and services a customer already has, to ensure security controls are enabled and leveraged effectively. Frequently, companies do not know the capabilities of the systems and products they have. Security does not have to be expensive.

Our Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP) certified engineers are actively involved in industry-leading organizations including International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2, Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), InfraGard Maryland Members Alliance (IMMA) and the Howard County CISO program.

Kaizen’s Cybersecurity engineers stay up to date with new security technology including virtualization security and next generation firewalls. We also have SANS certified GCED security engineers and Palo Alto certified engineers. Our security professionals are trained and informed of the latest advances and issues.

Security is a process of continuous improvement.

Available for short term assessments, consulting and on call support. Contact us by emailing melissa.mccoy@kaizenapproach.com to get started!